Nganganyi (Seeing) : In partnership with Papunya Tjupi Arts


The artists in Nganganyi (Seeing) chose this name to demonstrate the different ways of seeing their work. This includes seeing how the works relate to each other in an exhibition, how each artist sees their Tjukurrpa (Dreaming) when painting and the importance of revisiting places in order to see those places in the mind's eye while painting. 


Exhibiting are senior artists Candy Nelson Nakamarra, Charlotte Phillipus Napurrula, Doris Bush Nungurrayi, Maureen Poulson Napangarti;mid generation painters Dennis Nelson Tjakamarra and  Watson Corby Tjungurrayi;emerging artists Lynn Ward Napangardi, Puuni Brown Nungurrayi and Renita Brown Nungurrayi; and award-winning artist Carbiene McDonald. 

Papunya Tjupi Arts is a 100% Aboriginal owned and directed community arts organisation based at the community of Papunya, the birthplace of the Western Desert dot-painting movement. The artists of Papunya Tjupi have established their own unique identity based on the legacy of their famous forebears.  Established in 2007, in response to the vacuum following the homelands movement of the late 1970s, which saw the exodus of many of the famous pioneer painters, Papunya Tjupi currently consists of 150 artists from Papunya and surrounding outstations. Renowned for their strong line-work and for continuously developing new ways to tell the old stories, Papunya Tjupi’s artists exhibit fine art paintings nationally and internationally and feature in major public and private collections.

Installation Views