Ngura Kuuti (Spirit Country): New paintings by Rosalind Tjanyari, Priscilla Singer and the women artists of Indulkana, APY Lands


In partnership with Iwantja Arts

New paintings by the women artists of Indulkana in the APY Lands. Featured are the works of mid-generation Yankunytjatjara artist Rosalind Tjanyari whose paintings depict the spirit and energy of her lands. As well as individual works Rosalind has created stunning collaborative works with senior artists Priscilla Singer and Judith Walkabout. Other highlights include Raylene Walatinna's evocative blue and white depictions of  Country and its watercourses; a joyous large collaborative by eight women of the community: Priscilla Singer's red-hued dynamic portrayals of Country; collaborative works by Rosalind Tjanyari  and Judith Walkabout that effectively blend the iconographic and the painterly and sizzling hot pink, magenta and purple new works by senior artist Mary Brumby that depict the designs women paint on their bodies for ceremonies. 

Exhibiting artists: Rosalind Tjanyari, Maringka Burton, Priscilla Singer, Mary Brumby, Julie Yatjtitja,  Judith Walkabout, Raylene Walatinna,  Jeannie Reggie, Jeannie Walatinna, and Sandra Goodwin. 

Exhibition dates: September 10 - October 5, 2021 

Installation Views