Ngura Wiru (Beautiful Country) : Women Artists from Iwantja Arts


In partnership with Iwantja Arts
New paintings by 10 
Yankunytjatjara women artists from Indulkana in the APY Lands of South Australia celebrate both Country and the work of women to mark International Women's Day 2023.   Featured are glowing works by Emily Cullinan, Julie Yatjitja, Maringka Burton, Priscilla Singer, Raylene Walatinna, Rosalind Tjanyari, Trisha Singer and Yajtiki Cullinan as well as a collaborative work by four artists and those by mother and daughter painting duo Jeannie and Katie Walatinna. 
 All the artists describe their Country (Ngura) in the remote lands of South Australia as both beautiful (wiru) and rich in important creation sites and meaning. The most senior of the group - Maringka Burton - is also a traditional healer whose paintings incorporate reference to her healing practice; mid-career artist Julie Yatjitja's paintings of Iwantja Soakage depict the creek alongside which she was born, adjacent to which the Indulkana community developed. Her friend and painting colleague Rosalind Tjanyari's new works reflecting the Spirit and Energy of her country, show a stylistic development in use of a more painterly style and  bold magentas, greens, yellows and oranges while Jeannie and Katie Walatinna's elegant new paintings feature dotted rippling lines and spare imagery.  

Installation Views