Shell Edge: Dominic White


Based on Boon Wurrung/Bunurong Country of the Mornington Peninsula, Dominic White is a Palawa man, descendant of the Trawoolaway of Lutruwita (Tasmania), through his birth mother’s family.   Adopted into a Mornington Peninsula family, White's art has been following a process of reclamation of his heritage for 20 + years. Trained as a printmaker at Monash and ANU, his work spans printmaking, sculpture, photography, ceramics and contemporary jewellery.

 In this expansive exhibition he explores connection, observation, responsibility, and obligation in different mediums. He examines cultural, historical human activities and interaction with place and materials to metaphorically explore how his story intersects with many lines of connection.  Printed works made from the artist’s fingerprints with foam patterns from Gunnamatta reference the sea country of Bass Strait which connects Boon Wurrung/Bunurong land with the Trawoolaway. Patterns of colonial philosophy are branded onto wooden and clay surfaces of coolamons and overlie prints depicting the old growth plants of Red Hill's Endeavor Fern Gully.


Boats figure in White's personal and artistic life, referencing means of crossing between his birth and adopted countries. Wall works display delicate natural objects juxtaposed with forged steel, natural forms and bronze cast objects, kelp contemporary jewellery contrasts with overlapped chains, feathered wire, and metal forged shapes.  


Throughout he questions ‘How does the ‘pastpresent’ resolve for an individual?’


Everywhen Artspace, 39 Cook St, Flinders. 3929 

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Installation Views